The great and rich epic of Dragon Ball is configured as one of the most important and appreciated paper and animated series of the great anime and manga industry, a franchise that has marked an entire genre and has become a reference point for millions and millions of fans scattered in every corner of the world.

The fame that the series has managed to achieve has not only led to the creation of countless works related to the brand that still continue to intrigue fans - who have never ceased to pay homage to the franchise with high-quality fanart and cosplay -, but has also pushed several companies to create themed gadgets designed to capitalize on the success of the IP, which has never stopped generating monstrous amounts of revenue.

Well, this time the microphone has passed into the capable hands of 5Pro Studio, a company that has officially revealed to the public its latest creature, a splendid Dragon Ball themed figure dedicated to Bulma and Goku. As you can see from the images at the bottom of the news, the work sees the two famous characters riding the iconic Capsule No.9 motorbike, all accompanied by a large amount of details that will surely delight the most dispassionate collectors. According to what was announced, the product is already available for pre-orders, with a price that settles on 328 euros - not to mention the shipping costs - all with an output set for December 2020.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that these days it has been made known that the iconic Goku house seen in Dragon Ball really exists.

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