In the July issue of the magazine Monthly Comic Garden from the publisher Mag garden it was announced that Kikori Morino (Owari Nochi, Asanagi-kurashi) will begin the publication of a new manga titled Dekoboko no Waltz in the next issue of the magazine, on July 4.

Owari Nochi Asanagi-kurashi

The story of this manga will focus on a 1.80m tall teacher, and a 1.60m tall man, as they both aspire to become a professional dance partner. The inexperienced couple secretly start taking lessons.

Morino is also the author of the manga Owari Nochi, Asanagi-kurashi, which published on the website Alterna Pixiv in September 2016, after writing a one-shot titled Asagakitara. The publisher compiled this manga in a total of three compilation volumes.

Synopsis of Owari Nochi, Asanagi-kurashi

A girl named Nagi and a giant spider make an unusual couple in this post-apocalyptic story, living in a mountainous area. Join and discover a strange but inviting story of life accounts in which both characters enjoy a cup of tea or a picnic with delicious food, proving that their differences are not an impediment to forming a friendship.

Source: ANN

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