First, Dragon ball It was a manga that was a lot funnier than a serious one. Over time, Akira Toriyama’s manga has been modified to reflect the greater maturity of Goku and the themes of the last four sagas that have ordained the work’s popularity around the world.

Going back to the first point of Dragon Ball, there were a lot of weak characters, but they enslaved themselves in the Toriyama chessboard for a purpose. One of them was oolong, the talking and transforming pig who was originally an enemy of Goku and Bulma but later became a companion. The pervert is always a supporting actor in the first manga sagas, but slowly disappears to make way for stronger warriors.

However, MBrumArt decided to do so Re-introduce it to Dragon Ball fans in a new key, with a design that went viral on Reddit. However, the fan decided to illustrate it not according to the manga style, but a more realistic one that highlighted all the anatomical details typical of a pig. Below we see the realization of this more realistic but also ugly oolong. Would you feel safe with such a companion?

According to some fans, Dragon Ball is better than Dragon Ball Z, while others are debating which Super Saiyan shape is the best.

My version of oolong from r / dbz

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