As you could see from the Digimon Adventure Episode 12 preview, Mimi had to face one dangerous challengewho hired his partner Palmon. Let's find out what happened as a result.

Fans could take part in the Mimi fightthat ended up in a factory full of Digimon and was immediately attacked by Andromon. It all seemed lost for the character when Guardromon intervened, whom she befriended at the beginning of the episode, who manages to save her and make her escape from her opponent.

Nevertheless, three quickly come to Andromon, who takes off Guardromon without too much trouble. Mimi, struck by his sacrifice, then decides to avenge her dead friend, and this leads to hers Palmon final developmentwho have favourited Lilimon. We are sure that in the next few episodes we will find out how the relationship between Mimi and Palmon will develop after these events. At the bottom of the news there is a tweet that allows us to see the moment of transformation in a sequence very reminiscent of the original of the series, which aired in Japan in 1999 and arrived in Italy the following year.

Announced to celebrate i 20 years of sagaThis new animated series traces the events of the major work, even if some fans are disappointed with the various changes in Digimon Adventure

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