The Digimon franchise 20th anniversary series, Digimon adventure it immediately turned out to be very different from the first season, both for the continuous sequence of encounters and clashes with very powerful monsters in the digital world and for the frequency with which the developments of the companions of the Digi-Chosen are presented.

The introduction of new items in each episode could make the conclusion of the first saga very intense, but there is also the possibility that, given the developments shown too early from the tenth episode onwards, it could be a long time before we actually see an upgrade for the Digimon protagonists.

Based on the requirements of the restart, the The central narrative core should follow the events in the front row, but the rewriting of the origins of the DigiChosen could change their journey through the dark continent and consequently also the encounter with the dangerous Devimon.

It is therefore automatic to believe that over the course of the remaining 55 episodes of the anime, we will see the final evolutions of Agumon, Gabumon, Palmon and the others, contrary to what is shown in the original Digimon adventure. So it seems that The series takes a more action-packed twistAn aspect that could have a completely different meaning and a different pathos than the moving scenes that characterize the first series.

What do you think about the future of Digimon Adventure 2020? Do you prefer the narrower and more decisive tones of the restart? Let us know with a comment below.

We remind you that the preview of Episode 12 has been released and we leave you our first impressions of Digimon Adventure 2020.

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