Demon Hunter is one of the most famous series of the moment and has quickly become a worldwide success. Election posters appeared on the streets of Osaka that were far too much inspired by the manga of Koyoharu Gotōge.

Weekly Shonen Jump posted a statement on Twitter denying any connection with the two politicians' poster. The post stated: "We have learned that some politicians have used images of demon slayers, neither Shueisha nor Weekly Shonen Jump are associated with this fact."

The tweet refers to the poster by Keisuke Mitsumoto and Hirofumi Yoshimura from the Nippon Ishin no Kaithat went viral on social media this week. The poster actually uses a logo identical to Demon Slayer's: Kimetsu no Yaibaand has a black and green checkered pattern as a background, just like the clothes of the protagonist of the series, Tanjiro Kamado.

There have been many similar episodes in the past! For example last year The Hong Kong police created a mascot to fight fraud that is very similar to Tanjiro. After severe criticism, the Hong Kong media stated that police claimed the mascot "The Little Grape" was their original creation.

Last year in June, The Sunrise animation studio denied any connection with a government candidate in Tokyowho pretended to be Lelouch Lamperouge for his election posters.

Just before Valentine's Day, Demon Slayer has four animated shorts planned for the lovers' party, and the first official exhibition dedicated to the Gotoge manga has been announced.

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