The battle in the land of the sun has intensified. Ichika Yami and four other Glorious Ryuzen under the command of Shogun Ryuya were defeated. To undo the dangerous turn events have taken Black clover It is Asta who does not intend to let Captain Sukehiro's younger sister die.

A few days after the official release scheduled for January 29, spoilers for Black Clover 349 appeared on the web, the next chapter of Yuki Tabata's work is titled "Auction Against Sister Lily"a fairly eloquent title that leaves little room for doubt.

The training in the land of the sun bore fruit, which could be seen in Black Clover 348. Asta finished his training and finally conquered his deepest fears dominates the tents. Chapter 349 of Black Clover therefore begins with Heath reminiscing about the defeat Asta suffered in the past. However, the paladin will not be able to take revenge, since his opponent will be the strongest of the Ryuzen, Yosuga.

Nurse Lily will ask how Asta survived the magic of Lucius, disproving the theory that she was the one who saved him and teleported him to that location. Among the memories begins the fight between the two who once lived together in the church of Hage.

In the middle of the fight, where Asta nullifies all of the antagonist's powers by using the Anti-Magic, the paladin will yell at Asta to die. Shortly thereafter, however, a Sister Lily will tearfully say she doesn't want to kill Asta. Apparently, his true essence still survives within this body, subjugated by the dark forces of Lucius Zogratis. the Black Clover 349 spoilers They end with Asta who will therefore try to break the curse by hitting his sister with his sword.

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