The great and popular epic of Demon Hunter has undoubtedly managed to establish itself with great strength since the release of its very first edition and today it has a simply limitless fan base made up of readers and viewers, although it has only appeared on the scene relatively recently.

The great fame of the production, which can now count on millions and millions of fans in all parts of the world - who have never missed the opportunity to pay homage to the brand with cosplay and top-class fan art - has obviously led many companies to contact the franchise to develop thematic products, everything to get a part of the profitable circle of the generated income. Among the many there are the guys from Por Aniplex Inc. who are back in the limelight thanks to the presentation of a great demon slayer-themed character specially dedicated to Shinobu Kochou.

As can be seen from the pictures at the end of the news, the work is characterized by a large number of details shows our swordswoman in all her grace, with an end result that is nothing short of great. As announced by the company, everything can already be pre-ordered at a price of 171 euros - excluding shipping costs - while the release has been set for September 2021.

Before we say goodbye, we'd like to remind you that in the past few hours, some bespoke Demon Slayer sneakers have been on sale for over 400 euros.

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