Those who have read the manga already know what to expect from Demon Slayer Season 3, but this is not known to viewers of the anime. After the arc of the red light district, which presented a great challenge with a crescent moon, the protagonists have to pause for a moment, with Tanjiro having to do the same reforge his Nichirin.

The katana must then be taken to the Smithy Village, and that's where a big part of season 3 of the anime will be. The teaser trailer for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has already confirmed the presence of two pillars, but little else is known. What can viewers of the anime expect? The answer will be forthcoming as the anime staff announced news on social media shortly.

A Demon Slayer Season 3 PV will air December 10, 2022, based on a special broadcast of the movie Demon Slayer: The Mugen Train. This Promotion Reel 2023 will serve to reveal more details about the episodes that will be released in 2023. In any case, it is likely that more information and videos will arrive during Jump Festa 2023, which will take place about ten days later in Japan and where there will be a dedicated panel Demon Hunter.

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