The adventure of Monkey D. Luffy and his companions has entered the final saga with their arrival on the island of Egghead, and the fifth Emperor of the Seas is waiting to find out how the numerous situations that will rock the New World depicted in will unfold a new collectible figure made by the artists at LC Studio.

In fact, the company has introduced a novelty in its product line, which you can see in the pictures in the post below. In the character in question, 26 centimeters tall, Luffy appears in the Design seen in Wano, in the various challenges against Emperor Kaido, wearing the usual red shirt, yellow shorts, blue belt and a long black jacket resting on his shoulders. The determined look and the position of the right hand indicate that Luffy is preparing an attack, as well the haki of armor springs from his left armwhich you can also replace with the regular version.

The figure looks quite accurate, especially in the depiction of the clothes and the effect of ambition, and it is already possible to book it for all prospective buyers Price of 150 euros to receive it in the third quarter of 2023. Finally, we leave you with an incredible life-size statue of Roronoa Zoro for 2000 euros.

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