The heroes of My Hero Academia are wavering more and more according to the constant movements of the villains who populate Japan. There The war with Shigaraki's forces was more difficult, however and takes longer than expected. The struggle is over now, but it has brought with it many defects and crises of the crisis.

As All for One completes the prison invasion and rescues tons of villains in the hospital around the country Katsuki Bakugo is recovering. In Chapter 288 of My Hero Academia we saw the aftermath of the battle, in which many heroes were more or less injured and someone who may not be able to recover.

The one who worries the most is Deku: the protagonist will return to the center with My Hero Academia 299, which one could show Development of the one for all. After Deku's body had awakened four quirks, two of which had emerged in a very short time, he could risk rejecting the powerful quirks. But the intervention in the boy's subconscious with all of the previous owners of the Eigenart could reveal a beautiful piece of the past of the world of My Hero Academia as well Increase the synergy between Deku and One for All.

With such a chapter, the Awakening in My Hero Academia 300 might perhaps come along with an important revelation. My Hero Academia 299 will arrive on MangaPlus on Sunday January 31st, 2021.

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