A few days ago, Hong Kong law enforcement agencies unveiled their new anti-fraud mascot via a post that was posted on all major social media channels. The mascot "Die kleine Traube" (literally "the little grape") is currently at the center of a heated controversy as extremely similar to Tanjiro Kamado, protagonist of Demon Slayer.

Agnes Chow, a young democracy company in Hong Kong, tweeted: "The Hong Kong police have released a picture of their new mascot, which features a character very similar to the protagonist of Demon Slayer. Despite the criticism of the citizens of the post office for copyright infringement Police officers commented that this was not Tanjiro Kamado, but a character they made up called The Little Grape. This was their defense of copyright infringement fees. It saddens me to see Demon Slayer become a tool of the Hong Kong police force".

Questioned by the NHK, Hong Kong police confirmed the same version of events, arguing that the character was in no way a copyright infringement and that It's a completely original creation. Check out the official news below.

Relations between law enforcement and Hong Kong citizens remain very delicate, especially given the clashes that have taken place over the past year and a half. We'll see if Shueisha and Koyoharu Gotouge intervene or not, and maybe ask for a design change.

We remind you that Demon Slayer recently debuted in Japanese theaters and that the film is expected to be released in China and the West during 2021. The film is only one step away from becoming the most watched in Japan, where it has already sold around twenty million tickets.

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