The new saga of Dragon Ball Super She revealed herself to readers with a chapter introducing the identity of Granolah, the last survivor of the planet Grain after a siege by the Saiyans under the direct command of Freeza. But is Cereleano really going to be the real villain of this storyline?

The little evidence we have so far seems to confirm this Granolah, the main villain of the new saga. In fact, the oracle fish heralded the impending birth of the strongest warrior in the universe immediately after the mysterious individual declared to train and kill Freeza.

Chapter 68 showed us the emotional instability of Cerelano who seems to be consumed with hatred and a desire for revenge. Elec, the leader of the mysterious organization, reveals to his comrades that Granolah is essentially a threat, a person with a potential that, if developed under tough training, will pose a threat to the success of their plan.

In fact, this could also explain the Cerelean's latent potential why Freeza gave instructions to eradicate Planet Cereal, perhaps to thwart the possibility that a very powerful warrior could interfere with his empire. In any case, we still know little about Granolah's abilities, even if according to the information leaked so far, all the conditions for a heart-pounding saga are in place.

However, do you believe Granolah can really get stronger than Broly or even Goku Ultra Instinct Complete as announced by Oracle Fish? Let us know what you think on this as usual in the section devoted to comments.

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