The Jump Festa is an event that usually takes place at the end of the year and uses Shueisha to demonstrate the strength of their lineup. From the flagship Weekly shonen jump In addition to the Jump SQ, Ultra Jump and the last Jump + satellites, there are many titles that are getting souls and that will be shown during this December event.

As is well known, however, the coronavirus did not simply organize these events. Because of this, the Jump Special Anime Festa 2020, a streaming event for October 11th. Anyone can watch the video of the event streamed on the Jumpchannel Youtube channel which you can find at the source.

The souls that will be presented and explored during this event are:

  • Demon Slayer the movie: Infinity Train;;
  • Dr. Stone - Stone Wars;
  • Jujutsu Kaisen;;
  • Boukyaku battery.

Some introductions are required for the first three. Demon Slayer will debut in Japanese theaters on October 16 and is one of the most anticipated events for the Japanese public. For Dr. Stone are expected details for the second season, which is scheduled for 2021. Jujutsu Kaisen, on the other hand, has recently started and is also on Crunchyroll. Finally, there's Boukyaku Battery, a title from the Jump + digital magazine that recently announced an OAV implementation.

Obviously, there are also those who expect surprising announcements of the anime from Weekly Shonen Jump. All that remains is to wait two more days to find out what Shueisha has in store.

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