Demon HunterHe hasn't spoken much about himself lately. After the conclusion of the second season in March, adapting two story arcs of the manga of the same name, the studio Ufotable has announced the third season of Demon Slayer with a trailer aimed at capturing viewers to introduce the swordsmiths into the story arc of the village.

To accompany them on their adventure Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu will be two new pillars that will support children in difficulty. But there will also be new, terrifying demons born from the blood of Kibutsuji Muzanwho shows no mercy to the village of swordsmiths.

To revive the hype surrounding Demon Slayer, some Ufotable studio animators put one online Sketch of Doma, Second Crescent. In the foreground, the demon has his hands completely covered in blood, which we also find in the corners of his mouth. Also of great importance are Doma's canine teeth and his eyes, which, like those of the other moons, represent his number. The demon is surrounded by a winter atmosphere, complete with snowflakes falling around it.

You can see the picture of Ufotable's Studio in the @Reddit postKnYchan2. Doma will be one of Demon Slayer 3's most fearsome villains, and we naturally wonder if Tanjiro and his companions will be up to his standards.

We'll leave you to fan reactions to the Demon Slayer 3 trailer.

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