On the official website of My Isekai Life: I gained a second character class and became the world’s strongest sage! The release date of the anime series has been announced. The running time of the first installment of Shinkoshoto’s light novel adaptation is amazing.

It was previously announced that My Isekai Life would be released in the summer. Now the production staff have announced the official debut date. The series gets by on Japanese television channels July 4th with a first episode lasting 1 hour in total.

The premiere date was accompanied by a new trailer for My Isekai Life. This not only shows the settings and some action scenes, but also the Opening theme of the anime“Mujikai no Tensai” (Obliviously Talented) by the rock group Non Stop Rappit.

The plot of My Isekai Life follows the events of Yuji Sano, an employee of a company that is very hard on its workers. After a long day of work at home, a mysterious message appears on his computer: “You have been called to another world!” Contributed virtual worldSimilar to a video game, Yuji becomes a tamer. Then he gets a second profession, the sage, which awakens magical powers in him.

Keisuke Kojima is considered a director and character designer at the Animation studio REVOROOT. Kiyotaka Suzuki is his assistant director, while Naohiro Fukushima is in charge of the scripts. Norihito Saitama is Chief Animation Director and Assistant Character Designer. The manga adaptation of the light novels dates back to 2018. And you, will you follow this new anime of the isekai genre?

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