The first two seasons of Demon Slayerì, along with the tremendous success of the film The Mugen Train, currently the highest-grossing anime film in history, have resonated with manga fans. The same result seems on the horizon for season three, which a producer says will be higher quality.

The debut of the new story arc, set in the swordsmiths' village, has already received incredible reception at home, and the approach of the official season 3 release date set for April 2023, only raises the high expectations of the community. To fuel them further were the words of the producer Yuma Takahashiwho has held the same role since the start of production of Ufotable.

As stated in the @AniNewsAndFacts post, available at the bottom of the page, the producer would indeed have confirmed a new level of animation in the third season. Although the phrase only refers to the next story arc, we can expect the animation studio to invest in better and better work for a series that has climbed the charts easily in a short span of time and has become a real media phenomenon that has even become undisputed masterpieces can surpass like The Enchanted City by Studio Ghibli.

What do you expect from Demon Slayer season 3? Were you struck or surprised by Takahashi's words? As usual, let us know by leaving a comment below. Finally we remind you that to celebrate Valentine's Day an illustration dedicated to the female characters of the series has been published and we leave you with the latest trailer of the anime in which the Demon Slayer Squad is back in action.

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