Wounded, destroyed, dejected, the protagonists of Demon Slayer dissolve after the events of the film. Demon Slayer: The Mugen Train was touching and action packed, but it will leave its mark on history. What happens to the protagonists in Demon Slayer 2? immediately after the events of the feature film?

There The death of Kyojuro Rengoku was a blow to Tanjiro and for the entire organization of demon hunters. The protagonist will go to the Rengoku residence to follow the instructions of the former pillar of flame, hoping to find some information about the mysterious fire breath he has learned to use lately. Reception won't be the best during the due to Rengoku's father younger brother Senjuro will put himself in the service of Tanjiro.

However, there is not much time to rest and between the missions Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke encounter a new pillar of demon hunters: Uzui Tengen. The latter is investigating a red light district where there might be a powerful demon, maybe a kizuki. In order not to endanger Aoi and the others, Tanjiro and the protagonists will follow Uzui and thus begin the new narrative arc that will be the focus of Demon Slayer 2.

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