The countdown has started. In a few hours the new expected chapter of Dragonball Super that has really made headlines for the long-awaited new transformation of Vegeta in the past few days. In anticipation of the release, here is a look at the colored cover of the next volume.

There Granolah saga will be the narrative arc that opens the new Tankobon after the events with the antagonist Molo. The last survivor of Planet Cereal, who survived a Saiyan invasion at the time of the Freezer Empire, lives his life with a deep sense of vengeance that he wants to achieve.

In order to achieve her goal, Granolah even wished Toronbo, the dragon of the two spheres of the planet Grain. At the expense of the future, the Cerelean has become the strongest warrior in the universe, but it doesn't know that Goku and Vegeta are still standing in the middle of its path. In the 16th volume we will therefore be the first meeting between Granolah with Goku and Vegeta. A first look at the colored cover is possible thanks to the high-quality table at the end of the news. The release will therefore contain chapters 69 through 72, with release scheduled for next August 4th.

As for you, what do you think of this cover instead? Please let us know as usual with a comment below.

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