In the franchise The simpsons It is customary to celebrate Halloween with a special Halloween episode. In fact, each season features an installment in the Treehouse of Horror series, an opportunity to parody previously unreleased content, this year in its 33rd edition.

The latest incarnation of the series Tree House of Terror is about Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata's gem: Death Note's The Simpsons parody goes viral. The episode immediately struck viewers with the sheer volume of kills, hilarious but brutal in style.

Titled Death Tome, the special Treehouse of Horror number 33 not only looks remarkably different from the rest of the special series (thanks in part to the help of DR Movie, the studio that was then helping with the original anime), but holds up also the higher number of kills.

The namesake, Lisa Simpson, thinks so death tape and decides to use it to clean up a society that is destroying the planet through global warming. But this alternate death notebook has its own set of rules that lead to hilarious situations (see tweet below).

death notice is a franchise that has become a pop culture cult and won the hearts of many fans. After pulling up our Death Note anime review, maybe we can do a cooler Death Tome comparison!

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