After a first series of special covers for the various Marvel Comics releases that were released a few weeks ago to celebrate 30 years Dead PoolRob Liefeld, the creator of the talkative mercenary, has returned to sign numerous illustrations as a rather important figure alongside Wade Wilson.

In the past few days, five more covers have been revealed, featuring Deadpool alongside Captain America, Iron Man, Rocket Racoon of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Silver Surfer and Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. It was also confirmed that A total of 30 covers will be released in 2021Starting with the Deadpool Nerdy 30 # 1 tape to celebrate an antihero so valued by the entire comics and cinecomics community.

"When the opportunity arose to illustrate 30 different covers to celebrate Deadpool's 30th anniversary, I literally got down to it! I quickly went through a list of Marvel's top writers, and I think we have it reached." A perfect selection of the greatest and most phenomenal protagonists to complement the mighty mercenary in 30 special covers! " Liefeld said enthusiastically about the ongoing projects for this year, adding: "It gives me the opportunity to draw Deadpool with Marvel heroes I've never drawn before, like Miles Morale and Silver Surfer! It will be great, I hope the fans will enjoy this special event. It is a sight to put them all together! ".

Remember, in the third chapter of the manga, Deadpool Samurai, new details were revealed and we will let you find out what the Easter egg dedicated to My Hero Academia is hiding.

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