Deadpool: Could Undead Unlucky protagonist beat the Mercerario Chatterone?

One of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe is Dead Pool, immortal antihero who can defeat any opponent. To kill him we need another unstoppable mercenary, practically his doppelganger. This role belongs to Andy, the protagonist of the manga Undead Unlucky.

Killing Deadpool is an impossible task for Marvel heroes, but Andy, the Japanese counterpart to the talkative mercenary, could succeed in this difficult mission. The two They have practically the same powers;; Who would win in their hypothetical battle?

Both Deadpool and Andy suffered the worst injuries: from being beheaded to being exploded in midair. However, both have always survived relatively easily thanks to their immortality. The main difference between the two in terms of their regenerative powers lies in the The speed at which they heal from wounds. When Deadpool takes time, Andy can instantly heal any type of mutilation.

On the purely physical side, however Deadpool offers more experience in battle. Throughout his career as a mercenary, Deadpool has proven that he has mastered multiple martial arts and is a skilled swordsman and marksman. On the contrary, Andy uses easily predictable techniques that any superhero could avoid. Andy, on the other hand, owns an indestructible sword that he would benefit from in a sword fight.

From a psychological point of view, the two are pretty similar. Both Deadpool and Andy are two ruthless charactersable to take great risks in order to gain an advantage over their opponents. But Wade Wilson's intelligence might surprise the protagonist of Undead Unluck.

Who would ultimately triumph between the two? Both Deadpool and Andy You are immortalIn a conflict between them, no one could really call themselves victorious. Who do you prefer Undead Unlucky was awarded the 2020 Tsugi Ni Kuru Manga. Let's find out how to introduce Deadpool in the MCU.

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