Jojo’s bizarre adventure: a fanart portrays all the heroes of the saga together

Jojo's bizarre adventure tells the story of the joestars through the generations in which the different and colorful protagonists take part in the fight against the bad guys on duty such as Dio Brando, Cars, Kira and Diavolo.

A fan has decided to embark on the titanic undertaking of drawing all of Jojo's heroes in one drawing! In the fantastic fanart there is everyone from the days of the vampires and concentric waves to the newest booths.

The creativity of Hirohiko Araki has given us some of the most colorful and flamboyant characters ever put on paper, and each generation of Jojo adds something different, making each series unique despite being all interconnected. Both the heroes and the villains have a style that has never been seen in the real world and in manga and anime either. Jojo's bizarre adventure has continued to make fashion his forte and in Jojolion too The protagonists show spectacular looks.

Reddit user Austin Yao Chen shared this impressive one Drawing depicting all generations of the Joestar family, even those who haven't yet animated customization.

Next spring there will be an event entirely dedicated to Jojo. Fans hope this is the announcement of the long-awaited sixth season of Stone Ocean. If you missed that bizarre News, Jojo went viral thanks to the nails of a famous singer and a human-sized Joseph Joestar hardcover on the internet.

The journey of / つ こ ((つ く ず) by r / StardustCrusaders

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