in the DCeased: Dead Planet We saw the heroes of the earth fight in an all-out race to save humanity from a terrible virus, but the demon lord Trigon ravaged the remains of the earth. In the seventh and final volume, however, one of the protagonists made a noble gesture to save the world.

During the final arc of DCeased: Dead Planet, Constantine started one twisted treasure hunt to recover some mystical artifacts. By combining these items, the DC hero becomes the last mystic in the world, so he can challenge Trigon. However, the demon is still too powerful and banishes the hero to hell, where he will suffer for eternity. As always, John Constantine does not give up and embarks on a plan that no one in the world could ever have imagined.

Constantine He already knew that he would lose and dieand for this reason he had absorbed Deadman's power. Death transforms the hero into a spirit that pursues the mortal plane, and with his new magical powers he succeeds in possessing Trigon's body, which forces him to kill himself with the spear of fate.

While Constantine secures the victory against the Demon Lord, the surviving DC heroes destroy the undead and heal the two billion people who are still on earth. While the planet is safe, the same cannot be said for Constantine. The hero decides to abandon the existing plan of existence die a second time by the hand of the Lance of Fate, a weapon that will make it disappear from existence for good. A finish worthy of John Constantine. Damian Wayne's twist in DC has fans wowed. If you haven't read it already, here's the recap from DCeased: Dead Planet.

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