In this year's eighth issue of the magazine Gangan Joker from the publisher Square enixthe last chapter of the manga was published, written and illustrated by Matcha Hazuki, Boku ga Boku by Aru Tame ni.

Hazuki started publishing the manga in Gangan Joker magazine in October 2015. The publisher published the seventh compilation volume of the manga in September 2019.

Synopsis of Boku ga Boku by Aru Tame ni

High school student Shun Asakura has even been friends with Sana Wakatsuki since childhood and has had feelings for her for a long time. In the fourth grade, Shun's family had to move, but she didn't have the guts to tell Sana how she felt before going into town.

Since then, she has regretted keeping it secret for seven years, until she finally returns to the city where Sana lives. However, there he meets someone named Ayumu Fujisaki who looks very similar to him and who actually seems to be the ideal version of what he always wanted to be.

Source: ANN

© 著 月 著 (著) / SQUARE ENIX ス ク ウ ェ ア ・ エ ニ ッ ッ ク ス


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