Via the official website for the anime adaptation of spin-off light novels by Yuichiro Higashide Under observation of Koshi Tachibana and illustrated by NOCO, Date A BulletA new trailer has been revealed for the second film in this mini franchise. This new rate is entitled Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen and its premiere is scheduled for November 13th in theaters in Japan.

It was also announced that the singer RinamooN will be responsible for interpreting the film's new closing theme with his single 'Precious'. The opening theme will continue to be the instrumental 'Infermata', which will be composed and arranged by Tsuyoshi Sakabe.

Date A Bullet

The first film with the title Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet It was released in Japanese theaters on August 14.

The light novels written by Yuichiro Higashide and illustrated by NOCO are a spin-off of the light novels by Koushi Tachibana, Date A Live. Higashide publishes them through the publisher's label Fantasy bunko from the publisher Fujimi Shoboand the sixth volume was released on March 19 in Japan.


  • Asami Sanada as Kurumi Tokisaki.
  • Saori Oonishi as the white queen.
  • Kaede hondo as Hibiki Higoromo.
  • Mariya Ise like Tsang.
  • Rina Hidaka as Panie Ibusaki.
  • Asami Seto as Yui Sagakure.

Production team

  • Jun Nakagawa is responsible for directing the feature film in the studios Geek toy.
  • Yuichiro Higashide serves as the writer and script supervisor, and credit is given for original work.
  • Naoto Nakamura is responsible for the design of the characters and their adaptation to the animation, based on the original drafts of NOCO.
  • Go sakabe He is responsible for composing the instrumental song "Infermata", which will be the opening theme of the project.
  • Luiza will perform the final theme song for Date A Bullet: Dead or Bullet with the single "Only Wish".
Date of a living fragment: Date of a sphere

Date A Bullet Synopsis

Hibiki Higoromo, better known as empty, is a young amnesia. She wakes up in a completely unknown world where she meets Kurumi Tokisaki. Kurumi takes Empty to a school. Upon arrival at the school, several girls known as half-spirits meet and a fight begins.

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