King in black, the new cross between Avengers, Fantastic 4 and X-Men with the antagonist Knull, brought a real jolt to the Marvel Universeand even marks the disappearance of two major superheroes. Obviously, the events are too big to be told in a single comic, and Many other writers make the first ties.

in the Daredevil # 26In the latest edition of the comic by Chip Zdarsky and the Italian Marco Checchetto, the kitchen of the devil of hell had to face the consequences of the attack on planet earth personally and found itself in an extremely dangerous situation.

As you may recall, Daredevil is currently in jail for involuntary murder, and at the moment Elektra is watching over Hell's Kitchen. In the last chapter Knull's symbionts have stormed the Manhattan neighborhood where Matt Murdock is imprisonedand started another massacre. Daredevil is freed by a policeman to help the police, but without a weapon he can easily be surrounded and corrupted by two symbiotes.

As soon as the symbiotes have taken possession of his body, Matt Murdock hears Knull's words: "I'm Knull and now the time has come. You and I will merge and become one to become even stronger. Do you want to push your limits? Then listen to me. You are a fearless man, and I am absolute power, and together ... together we cannot be stopped!"Below you can check out Matt Murdock's new costume, now ready to fight his former allies.

The Avengers weren't particularly lucky in the first part of the battle. Two dead, a corrupt superhero and New York burned completely. In the next chapter, which will come out on February 17th, we'll find out if the heroes will be able to reverse the situation.

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