The illustrator via her Twitter account Shiro Usazaki posted a comment on the manga writer's arrest Act-Age, Tatsuya Matsuki and the resulting cancellation of work.

The message expresses the following:

""A few days ago, Mr. Tatsuya Matsuki, who is the original writer of the manga Act-Age, was arrested and charged with sexually engaging some students. First of all, I want to let these girls know that they have my full support for you and your families. I think it shouldn't be easy to raise your voice after falling victim to something so terrible. Although there is still no verdict, I hope justice will be served and that there will be serious punishment.

I have already fully accepted the publisher's decision to completely cancel the "Act-Age" series as well as all projects related to this franchise. Mental injuries from sex crimes are not so easily healed. The very idea of โ€‹โ€‹someone making you feel insecure when you're alone or going out at night makes me very helpless. This is the main reason I think ending the manga is a good decision.

I would like to thank all the fans who have always supported the work. This time the job couldn't be completed and yes, like everyone else, it hurts me too. Before you get nostalgic for the show, however, imagine the feelings of the girls being bullied. Yes please don't blame her for that. It was not their fault that they had been molested and then done an act of courage in raising their voices. We need to learn from this situation so that there are no such humiliating acts every time.

It was worth working on the manga after seeing so many messages of support for me after it was canceled. There are no words to explain this feeling.

I repeat, do not turn your admiration for the manga into hatred of the victims, take their place and do not be fooled by theories or unfounded allegations that have emerged in the past few days.

Finally, after all these difficulties, I hope that these girls will be completely safe and have a bright future. "

After all, Act-Age was a manga series by Tatsuya Matsuki and illustrated by Shiro Usazakiwho began their publication in the magazine Weekly shonen jump from the publisher Shueisha in January 2018.

Recently the publisher Shueisha issued a statement announcing that the sale and distribution of the compiled volumes of the Act Age manga has been suspended indefinitely. This includes the printed copies of the twelve existing volumes as well as the digital versions of the services of Shueisha and other providers. The release of future volumes has also been canceled, as has any planned franchise-based merchandise.


Act-Age Synopsis

The story revolves around Kei Yonagi, a student whose dream is to become an actress. She lives with her two younger brothers after her father left her and her mother passed away.

Kei has an impressive knack for acting, to the point where he can get into character enough to give up on reality. During a foreplay, some speculate that her incredible talent could be dangerous to herself as well, and she is not accepted. However, Kei attracts the attention of a renowned director named Sumiji Kuroyama, who hires her to showcase her talent and potential.

Source: ANN

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