Recently Dragon Ball Super Survivor Granolah’s new story arc opened with the introduction of numerous new enemies. Among these stand out the Heeter, who seem to have a strong ace up their sleeve.

After the Molo saga, we were introduced to various characters who could threaten the peace of the Z warriors. The first among them is Granolah, a mercenary from the planet Cereal and the only survivor of his race who was exterminated by the Saiyans on orders from Freeza. Currently, the antagonist works for a specific group of aliens interested in economic power Heeters and among them a very strong warrior seems to be hiding.

In addition to the Android OG73, which was salvaged from the bounty hunter at the behest of the leader Elec and in which we discovered the real danger in the final chapters of Dragon Ball Super, the villains can use the abilities of a powerful warrior named gas.

The member of the Heeters himself claimed to have one Strength superior to that of Granolah and both Maki and the party leader seem to confirm the statement. Unfortunately, we can’t yet know exactly how much power it hides and whether it can compete with that of the Z-Warriors or even the protagonists Goku and Vegeta.

What do you think of the strength of gas? Let us know in the comments.

Finally, I will report on the importance of Bardak in the new Dragon Ball Super saga.

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