Piracy is a phenomenon that Japan has been fighting against for many years, particularly for the importation of counterfeit goods into Eastern countries as well as for streaming copyrighted material. Anyway, with the closing of Horrible Subs A historical site of Japanese animation in the west is closed.

Japanese animation is at war on several fronts: on the one hand, the relentless fight against piracy that led to the closure of the Manga Stream continues, and on the other hand, it tries relentlessly to calm the controversy in the sector, especially in relation to allegations of racism in the British newspaper "The Guardian" and the controversy surrounding the delicate Australian issue.

In any case, to keep the doors closed permanently Terrible Subs, the anime world's largest following, weren't the editors' warnings but the coronavirus. For those unfamiliar with the site in question, Horrible Subs is a group that has been involved for years in the release of the English subtitle episodes of the most recent anime show in Japan, an issue that has mostly sparked some controversy over alleged uploads The subtitle triggered by fired anime and illegally broadcast television series. In the last month alone the site had boasted one thing Traffic totaling 11 million visits According to data from Similiar Web, the fansub group is one of the largest in the world.

In any event, the group announced the closure of the group due to a number of issues exacerbated by the rise of Covid-19, with a press release posted on the homepage and accessible through the link to the source. As for you, what do you think of this sudden closure instead? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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