Denji has finally managed to live a normal life aside from his obligatory battle with devils and a body that can turn him into one chainsaw man. Now he can finally indulge in all the dreams he discussed with Pochita including eating and drinking to his heart's content and most importantly dating and doing things with a girl.

For now, Denji's controversial touches made one of his dreams come true, although he didn't find feeling Power's breasts satisfying. in the Chainsaw Man 1x07 but there is a new passage for the chainsaw hero. After the mission ends, the whole devil troop, led by Makima, gathers at an izakaya, a Japanese restaurant, to eat and drink together. There are both characters we already know and new faces, but above all there is Himeno.

He begins to drink and then also kisses Denji with his tongue, with the protagonist happily agreeing. Just that eventually Himeno starts throwing up in Denji's mouth, in a kiss that will be so disgusting and that will also make poor Kobeni choke. This scene has been censored, with the vomit clearly pixelated. Thus, the alternate fate of Denji continues with women waiting to find out what will happen in future episodes of Chainsaw Man.

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