Tatsuki Fujimoto, the renowned artist behind the hits of chainsaw man, Fire Punch and others have been the focus of discussions for the past week. However, the situation seems to have returned to normal. The mangaka returned to Twitter in a big way.

A few days ago, the author of Chainsaw Man was banned from Twitter. No scandals, hurtful words or anything else negative. To communicate with his fans, Fujimoto used his younger sister's account, who is a third grader. Therefore, the ban was caused by Violation of age regulations.

Editor Shihei Lin and Fujimoto immediately got in touch using the social media platform recently acquired by tycoon Elon Musk, but it appears to have been unsuccessful. Indeed, in the last few hours on Twitter@ashitaka_eva account professing to be Tatsuki Fujimoto. As proof of these statements, as we can see from the tweet at the bottom of the article, sketches dedicated to the protagonists of Chainsaw Man have been shown.

That why Fujimoto doesn't log in to Twitter with a personal account it's still unknown and mostly a mystery if he really has a little sister or if he just enjoyed pretending to be a little girl. On the other hand, the madness of the author is the reason why the public loves his works. We remind you that Fujimoto uses Twitter to reveal behind the scenes of the episodes of Chainsaw Man.

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