The struggle in the land of Wa continuesAnime by ONE PIECE. The cards on the table were reshuffled again and the Mugiwara and their allies were finally able to counterattack. However, the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts still have impressive numbers. How will this fight end?

In ONE PIECE 1039, the Mugiwara counterattack began, allowing the crew members to support the Gifters, who were called to order by Otama. The next episode continued with Nami, Usopp and the Child escaping, aided by Zeus and the Gifters. while in, Jinbe was involved in a terrifying confrontation with the Who's Who, seeking revenge on Red Shanks and whoever ate the gom gom fruit. who is Nikathe god he mentioned and what truth is the Mugiwara helmsman Fish-Man hiding?

The next ONE PIECE 1041 will put this conflict aside to focus on other battlefields. In an attempt to finally broke off relations with his father Kaido, Yamato will unleash his true powers. We will therefore see the continuation of the clash that began in ONE PIECE 1038. As a result, people will also get involved frank, who will intercept Sasaki's attacks with a spirit of steel. A critical and furious battle will soon begin.

Entitled "Big Decisive Monster Battles! Yamato and Franky!", TheEpisode 1041 of ONE PIECE will air on November 20th Simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll.

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