Tatami Time Machine Blues is the sequel to The Tatami Galaxy, a franchise penned by Tomihiko Morimi. The events follow a sort of account, with poetic liberty, of some experiences made by the author himself at Kyoto University.

The history of The Tatami Galaxy originally followed the story of an unnamed university student and how, upon meeting Ozu, he became involved in a reckless and immoral life, which also distanced him from the love of Akashi.

in the Tatami Time Machine Blues the mighty Ozu wets and ruins the air conditioner remote control in the "protagonist's" apartment. A strange student introduces himself and tells them that he is from the future. And so the protagonist finds himself traveling back in time to try and recover the remote control before the cataclysmic damage. The anime was released in September, while initial information was released in July with the first Tatami Time Machine Blues trailer. From November 9th is the funny comedy available on Disney+, unfortunately only subtitled. Almost the entire original cast returns for the sequel: Shintaro Asanuma as Watashi, Maaya Sakamoto as Akashi, and Hiroyuki Yoshino as Ozu. The genre is romantic and sci-fi as well as comedy. If it inspires you, you know where to find it!

Or you already knew Tatami Time Machine Blues? In the meantime, we inform you about the new Tokyo Revengers project.

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