Chainsaw Man is going strong, as Manga Plus data shows, and indeed visits have skyrocketed since the manga returned with the second part of the story. Week after week, author Tatsuki Fujimoto posts his stories and also has fun on Twitter.

And just from Twitter comes an important message that does not concern so much Chainsaw Man or one of his manga, but the profile of the author himself. As has been known for some time, Tatsuki Fujimoto has a very special account in which he describes his younger sister embodied. And it was just that create big problems for the author of Chainsaw Man.

A lot has changed since the takeover of Twitter, now owned by multi-billionaire Elon Musk. One of these forced the Blocking Fujimoto's Twitter account. Currently, the editor Shihei Lin is trying to contact the platform along with the author so that he can explain the situation and regain access. The editor explained everything precisely with a tweet available below with many translations of the always reliable WSJ_Manga.

Given the sales at the top of the platform, it may take some time and who knows if that won't trigger other policy violation issues. in summary, The adventure under Elon Musk does not start well for Fujimoto.

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