Dragon Ball Super recently entered an entirely new narrative arc created by Akira Toriyama. The original work's mangaka worked hard to propose this story that just keeps coming alive. After introducing Granolah, we met the Heeter family, but other news seems to be on the horizon.

Every month, the V-Jump editorial team shares designs from Dragon Ball Super. We then saw the first pages of chapter 69 with the protagonists of Granolah, Beerus and Vegeta. Now the first are arriving Dragon Ball Super 69 spoilers with many pictures that seem to confirm this trio in the rest of the chapter.

Below are some scenes from the next chapter in which there will be one Clash between Beerus and Vegeta, obviously a training match while Whis and Goku watch. The Saiyan prince doesn't seem to get along very well, however, and despite the Super Saiyan blues, he can't keep up with the God of Destruction. The real surprise, however, lies at the end of the chapter when Granolah gets his hands on some Dragon Balls. These, considered the summoned dragon, are unparalleled in the world of Dragon Ball Super. What will that be I wish Granolah would put it to this dragon of the spheres?

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