As Chainsaw Man continues to be the subject of controversy, the anime is nearing the end of its spectacular first season. L'eleventh episode of the adaptation produced by Studio MAPPA it is in fact also the penultimate of this introductory part of the story.

The felhunters' attack forced the Public Division to do so Reorganization of forces in the field. Division 4 is merged with the other 3, with Makima taking charge of the unit. However, in Chainsaw Man 1x10, Denji and Power were forced to participate in a brutal training session. The devil hunter Kishibe keeps killing both of them until both are unable to defend themselves against his attacks.

Meanwhile, while mourning Himeno's death on a hospital bed, Aki was approached by Kyoto's devil hunters. In order to become more powerful and fulfill his dream of defeating the Devil Gun, Aki is offered Sign another contract with a devil.

in the Episode 11 of Chainsaw Man We will see how these two situations develop. Power and Denji decided to use all their intelligence to finally defeat Kishibe. Will the two Division 4 comrades be able to work together?

Aki, on the other hand, will know the identity of the devil he approached. Will he survive the encounter and what kind of power will he get? Chainsaw Man 1x11 debuts December 20th in simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll.

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