Already the last episode of the 5th season of My hero academy One thing he had guaranteed: there would be a war between heroes and villains. The conflict between protagonists and antagonists was inevitable, but by now it was clear that the showdown was about to happen. And in fact, all the first episodes of season 6 focused on that.

For eleven weeks now, Studio BONES has been telling about the difficult fight that takes place on several fronts. On one side is Gunga's mansion, scene of an attack on the League of Villains, on the other side is Jaku's hospital, where Shigaraki regained his strength after surgery. Week after week, Season 6 of My Hero Academia has brought clashes and twists, one of which happened with Dabi's dance in the last episode. But now the war is ending and it is clear.

Studio has BONES for that made a video for the war finale of My Hero Academia. By grouping together all the events that took place in the first eleven episodes of the anime, the production focused on the exploits of Mirko, the rescue of Aizawa, the flaming rage of Endeavor and the Battle between Deku and Shigaraki, with the support of Bakugo. Also from the My Hero Academia 6x12 trailer there are branches that will lead to the end of the war at the end of the first cour of the anime.

What will the future of heroes look like after the war? And how will this feud, which seems to have reached truly gigantic proportions, end? Above is the video of over a minute grouped with all the scenes in question.

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