The Chainsaw Man adaptation comes to the penultimate episode of this amazing first season. After numerous bloodsheds, Denji experienced defeat in battle for the first time. Public safety has suffered a severe blow. How will the Tokyo Devil Hunters recover?

In Chainsaw Man 1x09, Denji was defeated by Katana Man who failed to protect Aki and avenge his partner Himeno who had pinned his last hopes on her. However, the Chainsaw Devil emerged from the collision "unharmed", rescued by theRemote intervention by Makimawho showed his extraordinary power after being resurrected in Chainsaw Man 1x09.

in the Tenth part of Chainsaw Man, available to stream now on Crunchyroll, Public Safety is dealing with the aftermath of the horrific attack they suffered. Division 4 is in ruins, Himeno and Arai are dead and Aki is badly injured. Therefore, it was decided to merge Divisions 1 through 3 into the fourth and take it over from Makima.

After analyzing the received attacks Makima takes Denji and Power to an experienced devil hunter. Known as one of the strongest devil hunters, Kishibe will mentor both of them to make them stronger for the next battle.

The methods of Kishibe However, they turn out to be unorthodox. The hunter makes Denji and Power his victims. The two are repeatedly killed and then revived by being fed blood until they manage to devise a strategy that can stop their master. To do this, they do without the brute force that has characterized them so far, and use all their tactical skills.

In the meantime, Aki still has to come to terms with Himeno's death by Akane Sawatari and Katana Man. The boy cannot accept that his partner sacrificed herself for him and that he is no longer allowed to share cigarettes with her.

Aki also has to deal with the contracts he used in battle. The Fel Fox seems unresponsive to his commands after being torn apart by Katana Man, and the Fel Curse has reduced its lifespan. Aki proves weak, but Kyoto Division's Madoka and Tendo allow him to sign a contract with a devil of terrifying power.

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