To keep All for One in check in Gunga, some of the strongest heroes there had to be rounded up. Because of this, Endeavor and Hawks in this group were voted the number 1 and number 2 heroes of Japan, respectively, according to the most recent ranking of hero recognition My hero academy. Endeavor's strength is fundamental.

Though not in his right mind, the fiery hero is back to fight after being hit hard by All for One. However, My Hero Academia 357 marks Endeavor's definitive return who decides to face All for One head-on again this time, and also without an arm, replaced with a blast of fire. Despite the plans, Endeavor throws the villain to the ground to try to destroy the protective force field, launching various attacks to do so.

Pondering the future, a future that needed to be free of sins that needed to fall on his shoulders instead, Endeavor then launched one Celebrities Burn to the heavens to cremate them all for one. The villain seems really close to death, but he starts talking about his ace up his sleeve. Since he had an interchangeable body, he decided to use the current one to do some experiments and maybe with Eri's quirk, an eye and an ear begin to grow in his face. An ending in My Hero Academia 357 that will leave you stunned.

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