There were several anime that aired during the 2022 fall window. Some of them have been on the air for years, some are back with new seasons, others have made their debut. Among the latter, it was the one that triggered the most hype on the web chainsaw manthe adaptation of Fujimoto's manga of the same name by Studio MAPPA.

Meanwhile the season is almost over, but first there is a very important situation to solve. After the Devil Eternity's defeat, Denji and company seemed to deserve a moment's rest. However, he improvises Invasion of the Devil Katana brought all of Chainsaw Man's protagonists to their deaths. In fact, there was the first sensational exit: Himeno died, but with an almost useless sacrifice, while Aki and Denji were defeated. Makima also seemed to have passed away.

And instead, the latter stole the stage in Chainsaw Man 1x09, but she wasn't the only one. Another woman from the government's anti-devil agency also managed to get a few minutes to herself, drawing the attention of even those who hated her in previous episodes. The reference is of course to the young Kobenithe girl who seemed to want to kill Denji to escape the Fel Eternity and who instead this time went to work to save him by showing skills that seemed impossible.

Thanks to his intervention, it was possible to save Denji with the girl he has gets the devil Katana and the snake girl in serious troublewho had to flee by car without their loot. Kobeni has her fangs out and, as can be seen in so many tweets circulating on Twitter these days, the impression on her has been reevaluated.

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