A few hours ago, the Chainsaw Man anime made its debut on Crunchyroll and got viewers to do so Acquaintance with the protagonist Denjihis tragic history and his only friend, the Devil Chainsaw Pochita.

Episode 1 of Chainsaw Man starts off with a bang, showcasing all the resources at Studio MAPPA's disposal and laying the groundwork for the tragic and violent story written by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The internet is already going crazy for Chainsaw Man and much of the credit goes to Denji.

In the first episode we discover the sad story of Denjia boy who is forced to pursue the profession of devil hunter and even sell his organs to pay off the debt his father, who committed suicide, owed to the yakuza.

Along with his only friend, childhood-familiar pup Devil Chainsaw Pochita, Living in distress in a shack, barely manages to eat a piece of bread a day. His only dream is to have breakfast with jam on a sandwich and be hugged by a girl. However, the debt is enormous and Denji is far from repaying it.

The boy's life falls apart when he is lured into a trap by the same boss he works for. Killed by the zombie devil who subdued the yakuza to kill all the devil hunters, Denji's life ends with regret. However, thanks to his deep bond with Pochita and his dreams of better days, he has a second chance.

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