During the anime of Boruto: Naruto the next generations recently introduced full activation of the protagonist's karma token. The final chapter of the manga revealed the existence of a different and mysterious form of this force possessed by a character who is likely to cover the role of antagonist in the next arc narrative.

Shortly after the confrontation with Isshiki, Momoshiki Otsutsuki succeeded Take control of Boruto's body via the marker on the Genin's body from Konoha and badly injured Sasuke, robbing him of his left eye. It was a completely unexpected moment that once again showed the unpredictability and danger that such power represents, and it appears that it does exist. a very special variant.

Chapter 55 showed the return of a long ago introduced antagonist, Code of the Kara organization and owner of the Karma white brand. The puzzle around this variant is immediately explained by himself, who indicates how the symbol of this color indicates this The person selected as the container is not eligible to become an Otsutsukibut can withstand the power of the clan. The powers of the Otsutsuki can actually be used for this code. According to Isshiki, it is also revealed that if Code ate the fruit of the divine tree, he could actually transform himself completely into an otsutsuki.

Recall that Kawaki's new goal was also set, and we'll leave you to discuss the narrative choices Masashi Kishimoto made.

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