As is now known, a new original anime saga in Boruto is scheduled to begin in August: Naruto the Next Generations will begin the adventure in the series with Episode 261Kawaki and Himawari Ninja Academy. But what will happen in the course of the narrative arc? The first information about the next three episodes appeared online.

In the episode, which will be aired simulcast on Crunchyroll, the August 7th, we already know everything, or almost. The summary of Boruto 261 allowed us to discover the details of the introduction to this new saga. At the direct request of the Seventh Hokage, Kawaki accepts a rather odd mission. The boy has to enroll in the ninja academy, where he becomes a classmate of Himawari, who decided to become a kunoichi to protect the undercovers. Princess of Bamboo Country. So in this arc of Boruto we will see several new protagonists.

L'Episode 262 of Boruto will be broadcast on August 14 under the title "Princess Tea Party". Apparently, Kawaki and Himawari's young partner will organize one party. But really, the always nervous and arrogant Kawaki, will he agree to attend this little party?

Then the Episode 263 will be released on August 21st, titled "Flower Opening!! The Talent of the Teacher". The teacher of the ninja academy, a role once occupied by master Iruka in Naruto and master Shino in Boruto, will show the boys his talent, which appears to be coupled with some floral skills.

The last episode of August Boruto 264It is titled "Seven Wonders Expedition Formed!!". Kawaki and Himawari should embark on an expedition that will make them admire Seven Wonders of the Shinobi World.


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