Katsuki Bakugo He faces his most difficult battle, a battle that has left him both physically and mentally debilitated. However, Kacchan has no intention of going back a millimeter and indeed seems finally ready to give his true 100%. What will become of UA High School's young hero?

In Chapter 360 of My Hero Academia, Tomura Shigaraki continues beating Bakugo who, after launching his ineffective finishing move, was subdued by the enemy. At this point at the mercy of the villainHe keeps getting hit, but his words hurt the most, leading him to believe he'll never reach Dekus One For All's level. On the other hand, Shigaraki has already revealed that he uses Bakugo as a chess piece in his game.

Saved by the great trio of Yuei, Bakugo is brought to safety by Best Jeanist, who rushes to her aid to treat the severe injuries to her arm. However, Dynamight proves completely disinterested in his mentor's words. He's too focused on following Shigaraki's movements and analyze his weaknesses.

By the end of the chapter, Kacchan seems to have found the key to winning this fight that put him in net inferiority. With eyes wide open, dirty and covered in blood, his beads of sweat begin to form seemingly involuntary micro-bursts. According to early theories, Bakugo stands for awaken the full potential of his Quirk. The truth will come out with the release of My Hero Academia 361 scheduled for July 31 on the Manga Plus digital platform. What do you think will happen to Katsuki's Quirk?

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