The anime of Boruto: Naruto the next generations has put Team 7 in front of a fearsome enemy who is familiar with scientific ninja tools, and to face him the Hokage's son is again ready to use various devices. Here are some.

In the last few episodes Boruto and her comrades were sent on a mission to find Konohamaru, whose traces had been lost. However, once found, the group was attacked by an unexpected enemy Ao. The ninja of the Village of Fog actually turned out to be a traitor who was hired by the Kara organization to prevent anyone from approaching the area where the plane crashed where Naruto's friend was sent to investigate.

The fearsome enemy was Cause of Mugino's death, also on a mission with Konohamaru, and during the clash that occurred in the last episode of Boruto, he pulled the deadliest of his scientific ninja instruments from its sheath. This convinced Naruto's son to rethink these special shinobi weapons decide to have confidence in their use to show everyone that the results they produce depend on how you use them.

Unlike Ao, who used scientific ninja tools to bring about death, the protagonist intends to use them for the benefit of humans. With this in mind, the boy then wears them Glove This allows you to create an Absorb Sphere through which it is possible to suck in the opponent's techniques and then release what looks like one as well Lightsaber driven by the chakra. Unfortunately, the latter weapon is still a prototype and, although very powerful, it consumes all energies in a short time from Boruto.

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Finally, for those interested, I report a message from Boruto about the terrifying statements made by a Kara outsider.

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