The sad story of Nagato consecrated this character as one of the most popular Naruto Shippuden. In this statue, the Ninja of the Rainy Village, founder of the Dawn Organization, has returned from the underworld to attack Konoha again with his Shinra Tensei and to catch the nine-tailed fox.

This fantastic collector's figure from Zuoban Studio sees Pain ready to destroy the entire army of the Leaf Village with one blow with his terrible jutsu. Nagato, the one opposite, is hiding behind him Rinnegan manifests the six paths of pain.

Nagato has dreamed with her two friends Yahiko and Konan since she was a child. a world without pain and hate. But Yahiko's death profoundly changed Jiraiya's disciple, who from that moment on became cold and indifferent to anyone. His wish did not change, but to fulfill it he decided that it was necessary to eradicate evil from the start. It was for this very reason that he went in search of the Cercoteri. Nagato's dream now lies in Naruto, who defeated him at the end of one of the most beautiful and exciting fights in the franchise created by Masashi Kishimoto.

The 45 centimeter high statue, which can be pre-ordered for 540 euros, is surprisingly detailed like that wasted body of Nagato or a grim and indifferent look in pain. Would you like to add it to your collection? Itachi and Nagato are victims of Edo Tensei in this other character from Naruto Shippuden. From the weakest to the strongest, here are the members of the Dawn Organization of Naruto Shippuden.

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