The battle rages between the knights of the Kingdom of Klee and the dark triad of the Kingdom of Swords Black Clover animated series. After the Golden Dawn succumbed to the blows of Zenon Zogratis, it is the turn of the Black Bulls and their captain Yami Sukehiro in the next episode of the anime.

Although the action has just begun after a long filler saga, the Black Clover animated series is close to the end. Episode 170, which airs March 30th, marks a temporary stop to the Asta adventure. However, there is a more than concrete reason behind this apparently illogical decision. Here's the point of the situation on Black Clover.

At this moment, however, the Knights of the Clover Kingdom must first deal with the Dark Triad. We saw Dante in episode 162 of the anime attack the base of the Black Bulls looking for their captain. Due to his absence, Asta, Vanessa and the others tried to defend themselves as best they could, but none of them could compete with an overly superior opponent.

As expected from the promo of the next episode that user BCspoiler, the captain, posted on Twitter Yami will arrive on the battlefield to save his teammates. In the episode titled "Dante versus the Captain of the Black Cops", Yami will test his magical skills to challenge the power of Dante's devil. If you're following Yuki Tabata's manga, you'll find spoilers and images from Black Clover, chapter 281 here.

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