After more than ten years of waiting, the anime of bleaching He returned to adapt the final story arc of the play. In the five episodes of The Thousand Years War that have aired so far, viewers have seen Wandenreich wage war against Soul Society. But what secrets does the production hide?

Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood War It was one of the most anticipated souls of this fall program and in these first few episodes Pierrot Studio nothing seems wrong. But in the project of the animated adaptation of the latest Bleach saga, What role did the author Tite Kubo play?

Launched on October 11th, Bleach's final anime season will consist of a total of over 50 episodes divided into four courses divided by long pauses. The animated series will therefore keep viewers company for a long time, but the most gratifying news is that Tite has Kubo actively participated in the project.

According to what was recently revealed, the mangaka is wrote "some" of the original content that come to life in the anime. In addition, he also helped write the prose that closes each episode. These are, it seems, words that never found their rightful place in the pages of the manga. Therefore, Kubo and Studio Pierrot have worked closely together and the realization of the episodes currently broadcast confirms the quality of this collaboration. By the way, have you already admired Tite Kubo's illustration dedicated to the martyr of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War?

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