Boruto: The new Rasengan could cost the protagonist their lives.  Let’s find out why

After a long training with the Sixth Hokage, Boruto has finally developed a new Rasengan with which he can challenge Deepa. The technique of the protagonist of Boruto: Naruto the next generations seems extremely dangerous.

After the sensational defeat to Deepa and the serious health problems from which Mitsuki suffers, Sarada and Boruto completed a long training course together with Sasuke and Kakashi. But when the seventh Hokage's son finally appeared ready for the rematchHis teacher revealed that the new technology he had developed posed great dangers.

By training with Kakashi, Boruto has achieved a new understanding of his favorite Rasengan technique. At the same time, the young ninja managed to form his jutsu compress his chakra. However, in the long run, this art could even harm Boruto himself.

In episode 172 of the anime by Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, the protagonist recovers from the clash with Shojoji. During the battle the protagonist tried his new techniquebut for some strange reason it got damaged.

When Boruto woke up in the hospital, he was told that the compression turf had a much higher intensity. Kakashi reveals that the more chakra that is compressed, the greater the retribution on Boruto's arm. Although he doesn't say it directly, the former Hogake explains that it's a careless use it could cost him his armsor.

But to challenge and even think about beating Deepa, it will be Boruto forced to use his new Rasengan at full power. Meanwhile, Konohamaru and Mugino continue their mission in Boruto episode 173: Naruto the Next Generations. Boruto celebrated Halloween on the occasion of the Witches' Night.

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